“Is my work in service of justice + liberation for all?”

This is the question we must ask ourselves every day as we seek to work collaboratively with others on the most imperative work in philanthropy (and in any sector): the decolonization of the sector through forging unwavering commitments and collaborations with other like-minded individuals and organizations to do explicitly anti-racist, anti-misogynistic, anti-xenophobic, anti-homophobic and anti-ableist work.


Our work must be grounded in radically disrupting systemic oppression and the many manifestations of cis-gendered white male supremacy that create harm and trauma for all—both individually, organizationally and in our communities.


We are all called to envision and enact liberated and just organizational cultures, truth-telling community advocacy and systems of equitable power and resource sharing.  

We have work to do. Not tomorrow. Not aspirationally. Not incrementally.


Today. Together.

Note: La Libertad Consulting believes in restorative and reparative justice. We will work with clients to provide reduced or pro-bono consulting services for Black, Latinx, Indigenous and other marginalized woman in need.



Consulting + Facilitation


Strategic Communications


Storytelling + Writing

  • DEIJL + Anti-Racist Facilitation + Learning

  • Justice + Liberation + Belonging Workshops

  • Organizational Culture + Healing Work

  • Intersectional Organizational Decolonization

  • DEIJL Strategic Planning + Mapping

  • Strategic Communications + Engagement

  • Equity-Focused Social Media Training

  • Equitable Communications Evaluations + Mapping

  • DEIJL + Accessibility Web Consultation

  • Website + Graphic Design

  • Storytelling for Engagement + Learning

  • Curation of Newsletters + Related Offerings

  • Interviews + Blogs for Organizations

  • Storytelling for Engagement + Learning

  • Social Media Management + Training

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Public Relations Consulting

  • Collaborative Writing With Sector Leaders